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Pastizzi shan u tajbin
Maltese Products in UK London

Now you can purchase most of the Maltese products from the Maltese Culture Movement.

List of Products:

Pastizzi (frozen) - ricotta and pizelli
Party Pastizzi (frozen) - ricotta and pizelli
Ravioli (frozen) - ricotta
Imqaret (frozen)

Maltese Sausage (frozen)

Three Hills Kunserva 415g can
Three Hills Kunserva 200g can
Mayor Zalza Maltese 410g can - for ravioli
Mayor Zalza Pronta 410g can - for pizza
Mayor Zalza Bolognese 410g can - for pasta


Galletti tal-furnar - traditional
Galletti tal-furnar - sundried tomato and basil
Galletti tal-furnar - sea salt and cracked pepper
Galletti tal-furnar - gbejniet tal-bzar flavour

Helwa ta tork - 500g
Helwa ta tork - 250g


Qubbajt (nougat) soft 600g
Qubbajt (nougat) soft 400g
Qubbajt (nougat) hard 270g

Ilma Zghar

Diet Kinnie
Cisk Export Premium Lager in bottles
Cisk Lager in cans
Hopleaf beer in cans
Blue Label beer in cans
Farsons Shandy in cans

Maltese Wines - Delicata

Medina - Merlot
Medina - Cabernet Sauvignon
Medina - Syrah
Medina - Sangovese
Medina - Vermentino Zebibbo
Medina - Chardonay
Medina - Grenache White
Medina - Rose Grenache
Victoria Heights - Chardonay
Victoria Heights - Cannonau Rose
Victoria Heights - Shiraz Rose
Victoria Heights - Cabernet Sauvignon
Victoria Heights - Merlot
Zeppie's Liqueurs:

Harruba (carob)
To order please contact us either by email or telephone. 
tel: 020 7272 9000

Please note: this is a preliminary list of products that we stock most of the time.  There are other products that we stock for special occasions and fairs.  Should you require other products that are not listed here please do not hesitate to ask. The chances are that we would have them in stock or if not even get them for you.

We will continue to improve this site with more products and better facilities to order.  Soon you will be able to order on line.

Delivery:  Most orders are dispatched on the same day that we receive them.  We will do our utmost to keep your delivery charges to a minimum.  We can also cab your order if you prefer.

Pickup only by Appointment: You can pick up your order from Archway N19 if you so wish but you have to let us know beforehand by ringing us first as we are not always here. 

Perishables: All frozen goods have to be picked up or sent by cab

We hope that through this service you can continue to enjoy a taste of Malta!