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15th Anniversary Celebration - Fifteen Years of Maltese Culture
Pastizzi  Ravioli Kinnie Cisk lager  Honey Rings and much more... 
Dear members due to the current situation with the Corona Virus and after a lot of considerations with regret, we have to inform you that we had to cancel this event. Can you please let your friends or anyone you know that are not on the internet or social media of the cancellation. We do not want anyone to make a wasted journey.
We do apologise for the inconvenience.
We will advise you of future events.
All those who wish to purchase the product can contact us on 020 7272 9000 or email us on maltese_culture@hotmail.com

P O Box 2964
London N19 4NS
 020 7272 9000
Pre Easter Celebration more details>>