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March 2017 
Dear Members, Friends,
The New Year is already in its third month and it seems like only yesterday that we were having our Christmas Fair in Waterlooville and now we will soon be meeting once again.
Youth Projects: We are constantly considering new projects to engage the youths. Last year we embarked on a Youth Exchange Project where 27 youths from the UK travelled to Malta/Gozo for an educational trip and engaged with one of the top emergency corps in Malta - the Emergency Response Rescue Corps (ERRC). This proved very successful and those who took part found it aspiring and extremely stimulating while visiting some of the most beautiful and interesting places on the islands. Another project inspired by the youths is the Maltese language classes. The second, third and subsequent generations of Maltese especially those who want to go back to their roots, are now realizing the importance to connect with the mother tongue. They are now almost demanding the teaching of their language as part of their heritage and culture. From our side we have started Maltese Language courses in London and are also working to facilitate and expand these services nationwide. Of course this would demand additional funding but once in place it will perpetuate future generations. So should any of you feel that there is a project worth considering, then please don’t hesitate and get in touch with us to discuss it.
Funding: The Maltese Culture Movement since its inception has been running as a non-profit organisation. While at one time our main funding came from membership fees and donations, these days most of our funding is generated through the selling of the Maltese products. The committee and the many dedicated helpers do this work on a voluntarily basis. So whenever one purchases any Maltese product through us, not only one enjoys a genuine product but also helps us to generate the required funds to promote and sustain our culture!      
George Cross Award 75th Anniversary Celebration, Saturday 8th April 2017 in Waterlooville. - HM King George VI bestowed the George Cross Award to the people of Malta on 15th April 1942 for their bravery and endurance during WW2.
This will be our first activity of this year. We usually hold this function to celebrate the Movement’s anniversary around the 12th of April. This year we have two anniversaries to celebrate that fall within a few days of each other. But with Easter falling on the 16th April we are holding this about a week earlier.
The Celebrations will start at 11.00 am with a special commemorative Mass in honour of all those who fought for the defence of Malta. Following the Mass we will open the Maltese Fair. Here as usual we will have all your favourite food and drink, such as Pastizzi, Ravioli, Kinnie, Cisk lager and including some Easter specialities such as Figolli and Kwarizimal (lent sweet). Alongside the fair we will be running a Maltese kitchen and a licensed bar. During this function we will also be screening a film of Malta during WW2 showing the heroics our forefathers went through during those trying times. This will be an opportunity to come and join us celebrate; bring your family and friends and meet other Maltese people. There will also be a Bouncy Castle (weather permitting) for the children. Entrance is free. Everyone is welcome! Please see enclosed flyer for further details and location.
Forthcoming Events:
Imnarja Celebration on Saturday 24th June 2017 in East London. -This will be an open day affair with fun for all the family.
Malta Day-UK on Saturday 9th September 2017 in Westminster central London. We are still working on the programme and will announce it later as soon as we conclude.
Maltese Christmas Fair in Waterlooville on Saturday 25th November 2017.
Maltese Christmas Fair in East London on Saturday 2nd December 2017.
So make sure to enter these dates in your diary and come to celebrate with us and participate in these activities!